The Economy

There is no one among us whose family is not affected by the unemployment rate, and by jobs that have left and gone to Mexico, or China. Unfortunately – those jobs are not coming back, so we have to figure something else out. I will work to get projects like Mercedes, Thyssen Krupp and Hyunday, and to get the I-10 Connector built.


Education is the backbone of every community in our state. As a teacher and coach, I have seen the effect one can have on a kid who has lost his way – or the effect a little inspiration can have on an under achiever. We have got to keep our schools funded and solvent, and ensure that we pay our teachers a competitive salary. Without a good education system, we will never attract the smart jobs like all these other places around the state.  Education is now global, and I believe that a student from Hartford is as smart as a student in Mountain Brook, and a student in Geneva is as smart as a student in Beijing. I will do everything I can to support our principles, our teachers, and our coaches, because we trust them with our most precious commodity.


You will never hear my name associated with anything that is not 100% legal, moral and ethical. We have lost faith in our public officials. They are not listening to the people. Not in Montgomery, and not in Washington. I am not a politician, I’m just Coach Donnie Chesteen. The one thing I know I will do is get up every morning and work hard for the people of this district. If you honor me with your vote, I will always be the hard working husband, father, teacher, coach and salesman who works hard to make a living and serve my community.